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4-minute read

Line Editing vs. Copy Editing

In professional writing and publishing, “line editing” and “copy editing” are often used interchangeably, but...

4-minute read

What Does a Content Editor Do?

The amount of content available online is higher than ever – for instance, over 7.5...

6-minute read

What Font Is MLA Format?

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is a widely used formatting style in academic writing, particularly...

3-minute read

How to Rewrite AI-Generated Content

AI-powered writing tools are capable of generating a high volume of content quickly and efficiently...

4-minute read

What Is AI Editing?

AI editing typically refers to one of two processes: using AI-powered tools to assist with...

5-minute read

How to Bypass an AI Content Detector

Are you interested in using AI-generated content for your website but worried it will negatively...

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4-minute read

How to Hire a Proofreader Online

If you want the final draft of your writing to be perfectly polished and error-free,...

4-minute read

What Is the MLA Format for an Essay?

When writing academic essays, adhering to the proper formatting guidelines is crucial. One of the...

4-minute read

“Et al.” Meaning and Examples

In the world of academic writing, you’ve likely come across the term et al. at...

6-minute read

What Is a Protagonist?

When you’re writing fiction, your characters are some of the most important elements of your...

4-minute read

How to Find a Proofreader

You’ve finally finished writing and editing your masterpiece – maybe it’s a dissertation, short story,...

5-minute read

How Do AI Detectors Work?

It’s hard to avoid the chatter about the enormous impact the use of chatbots within...

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