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3-minute read

Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay

If you’ve been tasked with writing a narrative essay, you might be a little confused....

6-minute read

5 Tips for Improving Sentence Structure

In elementary school, children are taught that a sentence begins with a capital letter and...

4-minute read

How to Write an Acrostic Poem

Whether you’re a professional poet, someone who’s learning to write poetry, or a poetry teacher,...

5-minute read

4 Poems About Sisters and Sisterhood

As children, sisters may fight or relentlessly pick on each other, but there’s no denying...

3-minute read

When to Use the Suffix “-t” vs. “-ed”

Verbs are used to describe actions or states of being and are necessary to compose...

4-minute read

What Are Weasel Words?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “to weasel out of” something. It means to avoid responsibility...

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4-minute read

​​How to Master Academic Search Engines

Academic search engines provide a simple, convenient method for finding scholarly literature (e.g., articles, books,...

3-minute read

How to Make a Drop Cap in Microsoft Word

A drop cap is a large capital letter that can be used to indicate the...

4-minute read

6 Great Children’s Stories About School

As the new school year approaches, it brings with it a whole host of emotions...

4-minute read

Fiction Writing: A Guide to the Iceberg Theory

Picture an iceberg. The top that you can see above the water is the story...

3-minute read

Biting My Time or Biding My Time? 7 Commonly Misheard Phrases

If you’ve ever mistaken youthanism for euphemism, old-timer’s disease for Alheimer’s disease, or duck tape...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Mention vs. Say

The verbs “mention” and “say” are similar in meaning because they’re both concerned with expressing...

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