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3-minute read

25 Fall Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Creative Writing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, no, it’s not quite Christmas yet....

1-minute read

Spelling Tips: Conscience vs Conscious

Conscience and conscious look similar and sound similar, so we’re not surprised that so many...

3-minute read

What Is an Idiom? (And How Does It Differ From a Proverb or an Adage?)

Idioms are very common in English. They are frequently used phrases or sentences that use...

4-minute read

7 Words You Didn’t Know Originated From Names

You may have heard that some surnames started as words associated with jobs (like Smith...

4-minute read

All You Need to Know for the John Locke Institute Essay Competition

Essay competitions are great opportunities for students to not only improve their writing skills but...

4-minute read

A Guide to the Past Perfect Tense

English is a complicated language to learn for English as a second language speakers (ESL),...

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4-minute read

How to Write an Explainer Video Script

Whether you create content or just consume it, you probably know that video media is...

4-minute read

How to Write an “Implications of Research” Section

When writing research papers, theses, journal articles, or dissertations, one cannot ignore the importance of...

3-minute read

5 Free Spanish to English Translation Services

If you’re a Spanish speaker looking to translate writing into English, there are many tools,...

3-minute read

How to Boost Your Ebook Sales

The rise of ebook platforms helps more and more authors self-publish their books. We think...

3-minute read

Different Types of Peer Review – Explained

Peer review is an important step in publishing scientific or academic work. By bringing subject...

2-minute read

Idioms and Phrases That Use the Word “Break”

Idioms are an interesting part of English. Idioms are a type of figurative language where...

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