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6-minute read

​How to Write a Scholarship Essay (With Examples)

Writing a scholarship essay can seem like a daunting task. For many students, higher education...

4-minute read

A Guide to Writing Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction is a genre that uses literary elements usually associated with fiction writing (e.g.,...

5-minute read

How to Employ a Ghost Writer

Ghostwriting means writing a work but crediting it to someone else. Unlike authors who choose...

5-minute read

Tips for Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are a specific form of academic essay with unique requirements, so...

4-minute read

How to Write Slam Poetry

Slam poetry is popular with writers from all backgrounds. But what exactly is slam poetry,...

5-minute read

How to Write in Free Verse

Free verse is a form of poetry that doesn’t follow a formal structure, rhythm, or...

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2-minute read

A Guide to the Present Progressive Tense

The present progressive tense is a form of the present tense. It’s a fairly common...

3-minute read

What Is Gray Literature?

Gray literature is data or information that hasn’t been published by commercial publishers and distributors....

4-minute read

What Is Phenomenological Research?

Phenomenological research (aka the study of phenomena) is qualitative research that aims to learn more...

4-minute read

6 Synonyms for Love

Because the word love can mean so many different things, it’s frequently used. But repeating...

3-minute read

Grammar: When to Use Do, Does, and Did

Verbs are essential to creating complete sentences, as they help us express physical actions (She...

3-minute read

Prologue vs. Introduction – What’s the Difference?

Books don’t always begin at Chapter 1. In fact, authors can lead readers into their...

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