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3-minute read

Eight Synonyms for Emphasize

Because it can be easy to overuse common words in research papers and essays, we’ve...

4-minute read

First-Person Point of View: Definition and Examples

The first-person point of view is a grammatical person narrative technique that immerses the reader...

2-minute read

Bear With Me or Bare With Me? Idiom Tips

Bear with me is the correct spelling of this idiom. Bear, in this instance, means...

3-minute read

Cliché: Definition and How to Avoid It in Writing

The discontented writer paced the room impatiently. “Time is of the essence. My assignment was...

3-minute read

Thirty Transition Words for Essays

When writing an essay, you may know the main ideas and points you’re going to...

4-minute read

How to Write an Effective Essay

Essays are an essential part of almost any academic subject or field of study. In...

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3-minute read

How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

An effective introduction for a research paper is crucial as it helps readers understand the...

8-minute read

Looking for College Essay Help? Here Are Your Options

You have your first college essay to write, so what are your options for getting...

3-minute read

Can Plagiarism Checkers Detect Translated Text?

If you’re a student or researcher, then you know how important it is to properly...

4-minute read

What Is Developmental Editing?

Before a text is published, it’s likely to have had several rounds of editing and...

3-minute read

How to Format Dates in MLA Style

Are you a student, researcher, or writer navigating the intricacies of academic writing? Whether you’re...

5-minute read

Four Free Essay Checker Tools

Writing an essay is hard. Revising and proofreading that essay can be even harder. Most...

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