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3-minute read

Tips for Writing a Personal Essay

A personal essay typically describes a significant event or circumstance and how it has impacted...

3-minute read

Figures and Tables – Should You Add a Caption?

In the world of academia, there are a lot of rules. So many rules that...

4-minute read

How to Present Foreign Terms in Your Writing

Using foreign terms in your writing and formatting them correctly can be tricky. You might...

3-minute read

What’s New With MLA 9th Edition?

The MLA Handbook provides guidelines for writing and documenting research in the humanities, including language,...

2-minute read

Capitalization Rules: Writing About Academic Subjects

Whether or not you capitalize words can determine the meaning you convey through your writing....

4-minute read

Top Tips for Decreasing Your Word Count

Cutting your academic writing down to meet a specific word limit can be tricky –...

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4-minute read

Epizeuxis vs. Antanaclasis—a Simple Guide

Epizeuxis and antanaclasis are devices that writers use to make their words more impactful. While...

3-minute read

What Is a Semordnilap?

If you look carefully at the word semordnilap, you might notice that it’s palindromes spelled...

3-minute read

Should “As” and “Since” be Preceded by a Comma?

A comma is a punctuation mark that serves many purposes. The rules for using commas...

3-minute read

En Dashes and Em Dashes in US and UK English

Even though the difference between the en dash and the em dash might be only...

4-minute read

How to Format Numbers in Formal Writing

If you work on reports, presentations, or any other kind of formal writing, you need...

4-minute read

How to Conduct Longitudinal Research

Longitudinal research is a method of research used to study the same variables over an...

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