What Is AI Editing?
  • 4-minute read
  • 16th October 2023

What Is AI Editing?

AI editing typically refers to one of two processes: using AI-powered tools to assist with proofreading and editing text or manually editing AI-generated content. In this post, we’ll focus on what it means to edit your AI-generated content to improve its quality and factual accuracy.

Keep reading to learn all about AI editing and how to make your content more impactful.

1. Determine the Target Audience

AI writing tools are typically programmed to maintain a somewhat formal, neutral tone. Depending on your target audience, you may have to edit the vocabulary or sentence structure to reflect your desired tone and voice. For example, if you want the writing to sound more casual, add more informal elements, such as contractions, exclamation marks, and slang. You can also replace overly complex terminology or jargon with more widely accessible and common words and phrases that appeal to your target audience. If you’re aiming to entertain your audience using a comical tone, you’ll need to (heavily) edit the content to include humorous aspects, such as witty observations and jokes, because AI-generated responses are typically dry and factual.

2. Consult a Style Guide

If you’re working with a style guide, you’ll need to review and edit the AI content to reflect the guide’s specific stipulations. For example, style guides will have different standard rules in areas such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling (e.g., how to capitalize job titles or when to use a serial comma). Similarly, if you’re writing to a specific dialect, such as UK English or Australian English, you’ll need to edit the content to reflect those particular spelling and punctuation standards. You may also need to localize the content to reflect your target audience (e.g., eliminating or editing regional idioms).

3. Check for Consistency

When editing AI content, always check for consistency within the response. For example, look out for an abrupt shift in tone or a change in terminology. The content could start out using complex or technical jargon and suddenly switch to using much more informal language. Depending on your intended audience, you may have to edit portions of the content to reflect your desired tone.

Also keep an eye out for surface-level consistency issues, such as spelling discrepancies or irregular tense usage.

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4. Ensure That the Writing Flows Smoothly

AI such as ChatGPT tends to list responses that address your query matter-of-factly, meaning if you intend to use the content, you may need to edit it to improve the flow of the text. For example, if the content shifts awkwardly from one topic to the next, you can add transitional words or phrases, such as however, finally, or in addition, to smooth it out. You can also introduce variety into the writing by breaking up lengthy sentences or using subordinating conjunctions to combine short sentences.

5. Eliminate Repetition

AI content can be very formulaic and repetitive, qualities that aren’t necessary and can lead to somewhat bland reading. Sometimes less is more – so if you notice the text is repeating the same information (even if it’s phrasing similar passages in slightly different ways), eliminate the repetition or combine the redundant sentences.

6. Verify Factual Information

AI writing tools pull existing information from the internet to form responses, so it’s important to fact-check thoroughly and verify the content by measuring it against reliable sources. This task includes confirming dates (e.g., year ranges), names, statistics, and quotes, as well as ensuring the content isn’t presenting a biased or incomplete perspective on a topic.

7. Check for Errors

AI-generated content will always need a thorough proofread to check for misspellings, incorrect word usage, misplaced modifiers, errors in grammar and punctuation, and so on.

If you want to save the time and energy it takes to give your AI content a comprehensive edit and proofread, Proofed’s AI editing services can be the fresh pair of eyes you need to take the text to the next level. We’ll ensure it’s polished, error-free, and ready to be published. Submit your free sample to get started today!

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