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2-minute read

Aid vs. Aide | Spelling Tips

Aid and aide are both words that we use when we write about help. But...

4-minute read

Second Person Point of View Explained

In the world of literature and marketing, point of view is a powerful tool writers...

2-minute read

What Is the Plural of Moose?

Language, with all its intricacies and quirks, often leaves us scratching our heads. One such...

3-minute read

Are Seasons Capitalized?

Capitalization rules in English can be tricky. Knowing what and when to capitalize can stall...

2-minute read

Toward or Towards | Spelling Tips

English spelling can sometimes vary depending on the country using English as its main language....

2-minute read

Noone or No One | Spelling Tips

It can be difficult sometimes to determine if a specific term or phrase is one...

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3-minute read

Is Summer Capitalized?

When it comes to writing, the rules of capitalization play a crucial role in maintaining...

2-minute read

Alright or All Right? | Spelling Tips

Are you feeling all right . . . or are you feeling alright? And is...

3-minute read

Its vs. It’s: Punctuation Explained

In the vast landscape of the English language, certain words seem almost designed to trip...

3-minute read

Sympathy vs. Empathy | Explained

Are you sympathetic to someone’s feelings…or are you empathetic? Or do they mean the same...

3-minute read

Spelt or Spelled?

English spellings are nearly always the same wherever English is the first language, but there...

3-minute read

What Is an Oxford Comma?

The Oxford comma, otherwise known as the serial comma, may be one of the most...

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