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4-minute read

What Is Syntax in Writing?

English can be a complicated language. Sometimes, just by changing the order of words in...

5-minute read

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation

If you’re a professional, chances are you’re familiar with giving presentations or will have to...

3-minute read

10 Halloween Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Spooky Stories

With its tricks, treats, ghosts, vampires, and everything in between, Halloween is a great season...

3-minute read

Grammar Tips: Direct Objects and Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

In this article, we’ll explore direct objects and the type of verbs (transitive vs. intransitive)...

3-minute read

Grammar Tips: Progressive Aspect

You probably know that the English language has three tenses (past, present, and future), but...

3-minute read

How to Develop Your English Writing Skills

Learning English as a second language isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are plenty of resources...

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3-minute read

How to Use Spoonerisms in Your Writing

If you’re a writer looking to work lighthearted wordplay into your fiction, prose, poetry, or...

3-minute read

Grammar Tips: What’s an Interjection?

Wow! No way! Unbelievable! Wouldn’t life be bland without interjections? Good thing we don’t live...

4-minute read

What’s a Good Objective for a Resume?

Whether you’re brand new to the professional world or dusting off your old resume for...

3-minute read

How to Adjust the Spacing Between Letters in Word

When a font is created, the designers determine the spacing between the characters. And the...

4-minute read

Top Tips for Writing a CV for Grad School

A CV (i.e., curriculum vitae) is an important part of your graduate school applications, alongside...

4-minute read

​​Grammar Tips: Tautology

Tautology is the needless repetition of a word, phrase, or idea. The word, first used...

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