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3-minute read

Concrete vs. Abstract Nouns – What’s the Difference?

As the old rule goes, a noun is “a person, place, or thing.” But did...

4-minute read

How to Conduct Action Research Effectively

There are many ways to conduct research, and action research is a particularly useful method....

3-minute read

Grammar Tips: That-Clauses

English is full of terminology that makes it seem more complicated than it really is....

3-minute read

An Introduction to Relative Pronouns – With Examples

English has eight types of pronouns, and relative pronouns are one of them. But what...

3-minute read

How Subject–Verb Agreement Works With And/Or

Subject–verb agreement, as you’ve probably learned, is the rule that the subject in a sentence...

4-minute read

The Complete Guide to Writing a Novel in Google Docs

In this guide, we’re breaking down how you can write a best-selling novel in Google...

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5-minute read

The Full List of Alternatives to Grammarly for Google Docs

In the world of text-editing apps, Grammarly is arguably the most popular and well known....

2-minute read

Grammar Tips: The Prepositional Passive

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the prepositional passive in English. What...

7-minute read

Proofreading Your Novel: Seven Ways to Edit Your Final Draft

Introduction You’ve made it to the final draft of your novel. Congratulations! There’s just one...

3-minute read

Figurative Language – Definition and Examples

In this article, you’ll learn about figurative language: what it is, how to use it,...

4-minute read

 Ethos, Logos, and Pathos – A Simple Guide

Ethos, logos, and pathos are three essential components of persuasive communication. They’ve been used for...

4-minute read

A Simple Grammar Guide to Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions can seem intimidating, but they are super important for building complex sentences in...

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