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3-minute read

Word Choice: Cord vs. Chord

Homonyms are words that sound identical but differ in meaning. As you might have already...

2-minute read

Everything You Need to Know about the Word “Century”

Back in Ancient Rome, the Latin word centuria meant “group of one hundred.” It was...

3-minute read

Capitalization – What and When?

Knowing which words to capitalize can be a tricky business since there are dozens of...

2-minute read

You Know You’ve Been in College Too Long When…

For all juniors and seniors out there… we’re taking a look at when you know...

3-minute read

10 Things You’ll Find Yourself Doing in Your Freshman Year

Your freshman year at college can be a daunting time. Hopefully you’ll be busy learning...

2-minute read

Proper vs. Common Nouns: When to Capitalize

Most people get confused about which nouns need capitalizing. Why on earth do we use...

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2-minute read

5 Awesome Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills

If you are moving into your first shared apartment, you’re probably worried about paying the...

2-minute read

5 Things We Wish We’d Been Told When Starting College

Starting college can be tough. You’ve got new ideas to wrestle with, new friends to...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Born vs. Borne

The words “born” and “borne” are spelled almost the same but differ in meaning. Getting...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Bare vs. Bear

Homophones – similar sounding words that differ in meaning – can cause a lot of...

4-minute read

How to Reference an Edited Book – APA Style

Even if you’re familiar with the basics of the American Psychological Society (APA) style guide,...

2-minute read

How to Reference an Ebook – APA Style

Time makes fools of us all, even when it comes to referencing. As such, it’s...

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