• 3-minute read
  • 24th October 2015

10 Things You’ll Find Yourself Doing in Your Freshman Year

Your freshman year at college can be a daunting time. Hopefully you’ll be busy learning all sorts of interesting thing on your chosen course, but you’re bound to get a few life lessons too…

1. Unexpected Seminars

Colleges are big and confusing places and everyone has gotten lost at some point in the freshman year. Have you turned up in the wrong lecture hall yet? Join the club!

2. Pasta with Pasta Garnish

Don’t worry: A lot of your fellow college students will be new to cooking too. The best tip we can give is start with frying an onion and then look around the kitchen to see what else you can add!

3. Creating New Species

Even if you aren’t studying biosciences, you might find a few new life-forms growing in your dirty dishes. In time, you’ll get used to using the washing-up as a way to avoid studying!

4. Food Fight!

No need to grab your mashed potato catapult just yet. There comes a point in every freshman’s first year when you need to figure out a food sharing system with your roommates. Either share your food or don’t, and be clear. Don’t write angry notes unless you want all your Doritos swiped in the night!

5. Snoozing at the Library

Ah… so relaxing, a nice big book to hide your hangover hair. Just try not to snore!

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6. Deadlines

As Douglas Adams once said: ‘I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.’ This sound will get really familiar this year…

7. What am I Doing with my Life?

Hey, take it easy. You’ve made some big life decisions. Everyone questions their choices in their first year. But don’t jump ship too soon, ride it out. Talk to some friends and you’ve soon realize that you aren’t the only one worrying.

8. Setting a Trend

When you run out of clean clothes, it’s time to get creative. Whoever thought blue pants would go with a bright orange sweater?!

9. Drunken Mistakes

Waking up in the morning with that awful feeling… what have I done? We’ve all been there and whoever you were with last night is probably waking up with a similar feeling…

10. Home Sweet Home

You couldn’t wait to get away and now you just can’t stop thinking about Mom’s homemade dinners. Make sure you book in time for regular trips home, since moving out can be pretty hard. If you are really far away from home, write a letter or a postcard. Getting mail back can really brighten up your day.

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