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  • 17th October 2015

5 Awesome Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills

If you are moving into your first shared apartment, you’re probably worried about paying the bills. And since we are now into fall, you’re probably already thinking about turning the heating on. Here are some great ways for you and your housemates to save money on energy bills!

1) Shrink Wrap Your Windows

Did you know that shrink wrap makes an excellent substitute for extra window panes?

If you are stuck with single glazed windows, you’ll know the heat leaks out! Try taping shrink wrap to the window panes. You’ll be amazed at how much warmer your room feels!

2) Get Some Snakes!

OK, real snakes probably won’t heat up your house much, especially since they are cold blooded. However, stuffed snakes laid at the bottom of doors, will!

Try using the leg of an old pair of pantyhose and stuff them with rags. Put this at the bottom of your door and you have yourself a free draft excluder. For extra cuteness, add some googly eyes and a smile.

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3) Line Your Curtains

You’re probably thinking that this is the sort of thing your grandmother would do. But there’s a reason for that: it works! Add a fleecy lining to your curtain for extra insulation.

4) Reflect that Radiation!

A sheet of aluminum foil behind a radiator reflects the heat waves back into the room instead of letting it be absorbed into the wall. Bet you never thought foil could keep you warm, right? Give it a try!

5) Warm Up With Rice!

Anyone who has ever tried studying with cold feet will know that it’s not a great experience. But there is a solution. Sew up some raw rice in a rectangle of cloth to make yourself a microwaveable rice pillow. It uses a lot less energy than a hot water bottle (kettles are super energy intensive) and is ready in seconds.

What are you waiting for? Get busy and make your home a warm and cozy study nest for the winter!

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