Victoria B, MPH

Auburn, Washington, USA

“Nothing is more important than proper spelling and grammar.”

Victoria B, MPH

Specialist subjects:

Health & Social Care Medical Technology Medicine Mental Health Obstetrics & Gynecology Paediatrics Psychiatry Psychology Public Health Statistics


BA Psychology

Seattle University


MPH Public Health Practice

University of Florida


Favorite referencing style

APA because I've used it a lot and it makes sense to me.

Why I became an editor

I studied psychology and public health in college, and I have worked in medicine for most of my adult life. I have always believed understanding psychology is an important foundation for working in medicine or public health. I have always wanted to have an impact on people's lives. I want people to be glad they met me!

Having a graduate degree means that I wrote a lot of papers. A lot! I was also usually the editor during group work. Which I volunteered for! I have always enjoyed it and I want to help other people perfect their writing and do the editing and proofreading they may not want to.

Background and experience

I have previously worked as a medical assistant for various specialties and I have also worked as a research assistant for a psychiatry lab. I did an internship with the Department of Health and assisted with proofreading documents during that time.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I really enjoy helping to perfect someone's writing. It makes me feel good to be able to help them and produce a great piece of writing. I also enjoy reading and learning about lots of different subjects. Due to my schooling, I am very experienced with APA referencing, and I also have experience in AMA referencing.

Victoria B, MPH

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Favorite book:

Intern by Doctor X


When I am not proofreading, I am most likely wrangling my daughter and cleaning up after her! On rare occasions I get to read!

Editing tips:

Depending on the length of the document, I like to print it and read it away from the computer to really get a feel for the writing. For me personally, it also allows me to catch details that can sometimes be lost reading something for the first time on a computer.

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