Mary K

Box Hill North, Australia

“A well-chosen word can make all the difference.”

Mary K

Specialist subjects:

Art History Communication & Media Studies Cultural Studies Dance Drama & Theater Education English Fine Arts Human Rights Language & Literature Philosophy


PhD in Creative Arts

Deakin University, Australia


MA in Performance Studies

Victoria University, Australia


Bachelor of Education

Victoria College, Australia


Favorite referencing style

APA is the style I am most acquainted with.

Why I became an editor

Over the course of my careers in both teaching and research, I have learned that effective writing on any topic requires a grounding in the basics: accurate spelling, appropriate use of grammar, and correct punctuation. I chose to become a proofreader to further hone my skills in these areas, and I look forward to assisting others to produce their best work.

Background and experience

At Deakin Child Study Centre in Melbourne, Australia, I developed and edited content for education websites. I also wrote and edited content for research papers.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I enjoy suggesting ways for a piece of writing to realize its full potential. This, I believe, can be done by ensuring that the nuts and bolts of grammar are in place and the vocabulary and style aligns with the writer’s subject matter. I have studied in the fields of culture and performing arts, and as a result, I gained a sound knowledge of the academic style guides employed by these disciplines.

Mary K

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Favorite book:

The Tree of Man by Patrick White is my favorite book.


I enjoy walking in nature.

Editing tips:

Initially, I read the text to identify its style. This enables me to suggest the most appropriate grammar and vocabulary.

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