Susan P

Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

“A second set of eyes to make this your best work!”

Susan P

Specialist subjects:


BS Education

Georgia Southern University

Favorite referencing style

I find IEEE very intuitive and appreciate how the in-text citations don’t disrupt the flow of the document.

Why I became an editor

As a former educator (both in public and homeschool), I have spent many hours helping others improve their writing. I have always loved both reading and writing and try to find time each day for a little of both. One of my dreams is become a published author. Working as a proofreader enables me to use my experience in assisting others with their writing to help them achieve their goals.

Background and experience

I am a former educator with 25 years' experience, I am a small business owner, and I design and write educational materials for elementary through high school students.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I enjoy proofreading because of my great love of reading and writing. It is a pleasure to see a piece of writing take shape to be its best self. Making a piece of writing error free enables the author’s meaning to shine through without distractions. It is a joy to be a part of that process.

Susan P

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Favorite book:

I am such an avid reader, it is impossible for me to choose only one. I especially enjoy Edward Rutherfurd's historical novels.


I am an avid exerciser, reader, and writer. I also love fiber art such as embroidery and weaving.

Editing tips:

I like to read a document several times before I make any corrections or changes to make sure that I understand the author’s meaning. When I finish proofreading, I always check again to ensure that I haven’t missed anything.

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