Siiri M

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States

“Clear, concise, and precise.”

Siiri M

Specialist subjects:

Criminology Environmental Science Forensic Science

Editing formats:


BS Environmental Science,

Saint Louis University,


Favorite referencing style

CMOS is my favorite referencing style because it's where I started. This was before I was aware that there would be so many different options.

Why I became an editor

I am a scientist by trade and a word-nerd at heart. In an effort to pursue both of my passions, I found that proofreading and editing can be a place where science meets reading and writing. That's the beauty of writing—if done well, it can be anything.

Background and experience

I have been a scientist for ten years, working in both field and laboratory environments. Over the years, I developed an affinity for working with technical documents. I have experience writing and editing SOPs, training manuals, and technical reports.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love that writing can be anything. It can be a dense tome of information, and it can be a light, whimsical escape. And the people behind the writing are just as diverse. I love being the person quietly working in the background to help each piece of writing shine.

Siiri M

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Favorite book:

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne (my favorite book of the moment)


When I'm not proofreading and the weather permits, I can be found outside. Too much of my life is spent in a lab or at home, so I try to soak in the sunshine as much as possible.

Editing tips:

The scientist in me demands a very methodical approach to proofreading, so the first thing I do is open up the document and my proofreading checklist side-by-side. It's important to me that I give each document the same attention, regardless of the content.

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