Amy K

Long Eaton, United Kingdom

“Say what you mean, mean what you say.”

Specialist subjects:

Education Social Policy Social Sciences Theology & Religious Studies


BA (Hons) in Theology & Social Policy (First Class)

University of Leeds


Favorite referencing style

I like the simplicity of APA referencing.

Why I became an editor

I studied Theology and Social Policy at university, which involved writing a lot of essays. I now work in higher education and spend a lot of my time writing reports and minutes of meetings, as well as editing reports produced by colleagues. I enjoy proofreading because it allows me to use my skills to help others improve their own writing.

Background and experience

I worked as a Senior Corporate Governance Officer for eight years, which involved writing and editing sections of the Council's Constitution and various reports, as well as producing minutes of meetings. I also co-wrote an in-house publication called Governance Matters and edited parts of the website. I now work for Nottingham Trent University as a Governance Officer. My duties involve writing and editing reports and producing minutes of meetings and the University Almanac.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Mistakes and poor grammar can detract from an exceptional piece of work and lessen its impact, and it’s always difficult to spot issues in your own writing. Proofreading ensures that the quality of your work can be fully appreciated. I love proofreading because it is satisfying to help others produce their best writing.

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Favorite book:

Little Women by Louise May Alcott


I enjoy crafting, especially embroidery and knitting. I also enjoy horseback riding with my daughter occasionally.

Editing tips:

I always read the document first so I am familiar with the subject and the author's style. It also allows me to get a sense of the number of edits required.

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