Henri C

St Andrews, Scotland

“Excellent writing should appear effortless, clear, and entirely self-explanatory.”

Henri C

Specialist subjects:


MA (Hons) Arabic and Art History

University of St Andrews


Favorite referencing style

I love using Chicago because I find it the simplest, clearest, and most direct form.

Why I became an editor

I currently study Arabic and art history at university. As part of this, I am frequently required to research and write to a high level — something I take sheer delight in doing! Nothing else is quite as satisfying.

Moreover, I love helping people achieve the best results they possibly can. So if I can improve someone's potential in this small but important way then it is an absolute pleasure to be a proofreader.

Background and experience

I have proofread and edited a number of fellow students' work at university. Having taken the gold standard proofreading course with Proofreading Academy, I now feel qualified to proofread to build on this past experience and work to a professional level. Outside of this I run a media agency in St Andrews, Scotland. This requires management of a large team of around 25 creatives, ensuring that as a business, our output is of a consistently high standard and unrivalled in the area. Such skills and knowledge are certainly applicable and helpful to my work as a proofreader.

Why I love proofreading and editing

As a proofreader and editor, we are in a unique position of having access to so many different stories from so many walks of life, which is a privileged position to be in, no doubt. Finding something that can simultaneously satisfy my academic curiosities as well as enable me to help others is entirely rare. It is this rarity that makes proofreading such a positive, satisfying experience for me.

Henri C

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Favorite book:

The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien


When I am not proofreading, I enjoy picking up my camera and going for a walk, seeing what new places I can discover or the different ways I can view and experience an existing location.

Editing tips:

My mantra when writing is: "when in doubt, leave it out." I used to be very guilty of overcomplicating, trying to impress with long words, or even just missing the point of the question entirely, so now I make it my goal to be succinct, direct, clear, and always answer the question.

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