Erica R

Tarrytown, United States

“Proofreading is my passion.”

Specialist subjects:

Communication & Media Studies Computer/Information Sciences Cultural Studies Librarianship & Information Management Philosophy Social Media Social Policy Social Sciences Technology Women's & Gender Studies


BA in Social Thought and Political Economy

UMass, Amherst


MA in Media Studies

The New School


Favorite referencing style

Picking a favorite referencing style is difficult because I have worked with many different types, and I appreciate their distinctions. However, I will choose APA because it is the first referencing style I learned, and I have decades of experience with it.

Why I became an editor

Throughout my career, I have been able to tutor and mentor individuals from various backgrounds in several countries. I currently work as a research assistant while working toward my Ph.D. in information science. I relish the opportunity to improve upon the work of others while preserving their unique voice. I look forward to having the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Background and experience

In addition to my extensive experience in teaching, tutoring, and mentoring students, I spent 11 years working for a small technology investment company where one of my primary responsibilities was editing communications for publication.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love the gratification I receive from improving a piece of writing. From a young age, I have delighted in finding minute errors that previously went unnoticed. I particularly enjoy proofreading work related to technology, media, and the social sciences.

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Favorite book:

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle is my favorite book.


If I’m not proofreading, writing, or reading, it’s most likely because my chocolate lab has convinced me that it’s time to step away from my laptop and take her for a walk. She can be persuasive!

Editing tips:

When I have finished proofreading a document, I like to print out a hard copy to give it a final check.

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