Carla L

Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

“Always have the reader in mind.”

Carla L

Specialist subjects:


BSc Sociology

University of Surrey


Favorite referencing style

Harvard referencing style is my favourite as I used it throughout my undergraduate studies.

Why I became an editor

I studied sociology, hoping for a career in journalism. However, I fell into the business world of food buying, which I have loved. After nearly 20 years of eating my way through menus, I was ready for a career change and to focus on my passion for words. I'm now writing my first novel, which I do alongside proofreading, giving me perfect work–life balance.

Background and experience

I have nearly 20 years' business experience as a purchasing manager in the hospitality industry. My role gave me extensive experience writing presentations, project briefs, and invitations to tender.

I was looking for better work–life balance, and as I love words and have always found it easy to spot errors, I undertook the Proofreading Academy course to ensure my skills were up to the required level in order to undertake proofreading as a career. I'm now ready to put my skills to practice.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Grammar is my friend! I read extensively and have never understood why in published work you can still spot errors. I have an eye for detail and love to put it to use.

After working in the business world and the politics that comes with it, working alone with words is extremely joyful!

Carla L

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Favorite book:

Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks


When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my two young daughters playing games, doing puzzles, and reading stories. When I get any rare "me'" time, I like to read, cook, and eat.

Editing tips:

I like to read through the document before I start proofreading to get an understanding of the content.

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