Brendan D

Poznan, Poland

“Helping you improve your English language skills for over 25 years!”

Brendan D

Specialist subjects:

Accounting & Finance Business & Management Corporate Social Responsibility Economics Law


Baccalaureate in Commerce

CIC Jersey (Further Education)


Favorite referencing style

I am most familiar with APA, but I am happy to work with any referencing style.

Why I became an editor

Having worked in TEFL for the past quarter century, I have gained a large amount of both formal and informal proofreading experience in business, finance and other related fields.
The decision to work professionally in editing and proofreading was a natural progression from that foundation.

Background and experience

I have helped numerous people prepare for job applications and interviews by proofreading and editing covering letters and CVs. I have proofread a number of websites, including that of a large financial services firm. I also proofread employee profiles for a law firm before they are uploaded to the firm's website, and I have recently assisted a financial executive with training documentation and assignment proofreading.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I enjoy helping others achieve their goals, and I delight in watching their progress. Proofreading augments that and also satisfies my own creative needs.

Brendan D

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Favorite book:

‘Reality Transforming’ by Vadim Zeland for its perspectives on shaking off external influences in modern living and achieving life goals.


I like to have as much of an active lifestyle as possible beyond working hours. I often combine travelling and jogging into various (half) marathon trips while I also do a bit of weekend golfing.

Editing tips:

I like to use a proofreading checklist, which helps me double check various kinds of errors that can appear in a document, such as dating, formatting and referencing inconsistencies.

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