Alex P

Conder, Australia

“Persnickety proofreader and lover of stories.”

Specialist subjects:

Anthropology Archaeology Classics & Ancient History History

Editing formats:


Master of Archaeological Science

Australian National University


Bachelor of Archaeological Practice

Australian National University


Favorite referencing style

I'm the most comfortable with Harvard referencing because that was the style I used the most during my university studies.

Why I became an editor

My studies in traditional grammar, including Latin and Greek, gave me an appreciation of the English language and how its rules can be followed, bent, or broken to suit the needs of the author. I love to play with words, and every dangling participle and split infinitive is a puzzle for me to solve in the pursuit of beautiful and powerful writing.

Background and experience

My academic background fostered my love of history, archaeology, and classical studies. As a Hansard editor, I transcribe and edit the proceedings of the Australian Federal Parliament for publication, which involves translating the spoken word into grammatically correct text while preserving voice and meaning. I also edit and proofread book reviews for a blog, which requires striking a balance between praise and critique and providing enough detail to entice readers without spoilers.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I have a passion for words and the way language can be used to connect, influence, and inspire. A well-crafted phrase can have immense power, and I love the challenge of discovering and correcting any mistakes or weaknesses that could detract from a great piece of writing.

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Favorite book:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is my favorite book. I particularly love the sentence, "The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't."


I love to crochet, and I love going to the movies. If I could crochet in the dark, I'd do both!

Editing tips:

Before my final read-through of a document, I use MS Word's Read Aloud function. It reads the text verbatim, highlighting any typos or misplaced punctuation that human eyes could easily overlook.

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