2-minute read

How to Cite a TV Show in Vancouver Referencing

Vancouver is a referencing style used in the sciences and other subject areas. But how...

6-minute read

5 Top Tips on Writing an Academic Blog Post

Blog posts are a great way for researchers and other academics to share their ideas...

4-minute read

How to Write an Academic Email

When you email a professor or tutor for the first time, you want to make a...

2-minute read

Citing a Chapter from an Edited Book in IEEE Referencing

IEEE referencing is used in subjects such as computing and engineering. It’s also the preferred...

5-minute read

How to Format APA Citations

APA referencing – developed by the American Psychological Association – is used to cite sources...

3-minute read

Understanding Title Case and Sentence Case

There are many different ways to capitalize the words in a title of a document...

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3-minute read

How to Procrastinate and Get Nothing Done

Are you getting too much work done? Would you rather spend your time worrying about...

2-minute read

Chicago Referencing – Repeat Citations

If you have a useful source text, you may need to cite it more than...

3-minute read

Referencing Translated Sources (APA, MLA and Chicago)

Poor translators. Without them, we English speakers wouldn’t be able to read sources written in...

2-minute read

Writing Tips: How to Use Block Quotes

Quoting sources is crucial in academic writing. It shows you’ve read up on your subject....

3-minute read

How to Impress Employers with a Quality Cover Letter

The cover letter is the first thing anyone sees when you apply for a job,...

3-minute read

6 Ways to Create a Productive Study Environment

Whether you’re studying for a test or writing an assignment, working effectively depends on your...

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