Virginia A

LaGrange, United States

“"You can make anything by writing." – C. S. Lewis”

Virginia A

Specialist subjects:

Creative Writing English Fiction Language & Literature Music


I'm self-educated, but I am considering a degree in early childhood development and/or literature.

Favorite referencing style

APA is my current favorite simply because of all the effort I put into learning it!

Why I became an editor

A lifelong love of reading, coupled with a high standard of excellence for what I read, made taking a course in proofreading and editing the natural next step for me.

Background and experience

I have over ten years' experience researching genealogies and family histories. This detail-oriented work involves a good deal of hunting down answers, working with various sources, and checking information for accuracy. The last is especially important, as one small error has the potential to mislead generations!
While I have some experience writing and editing my own work, my introduction to professional proofreading began with a course from Knowadays.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Proofreading allows me to serve not only the writer, but the reader as well. As a writer, if you've labored over a document, the last thing you want is for the reader's experience to be unsatisfactory. Also, I learn so much while doing it!

Virginia A

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Favorite book:

Emma by Jane Austen (... unless I happen to be reading Persuasion, in which case it would be my favorite!).


My dog commands most of my free time. When I'm not busy giving her belly rubs or taking her to the lake, I love to analyze and discuss the characters in the movie or show I'm currently watching.

Editing tips:

Reading a document aloud is a game changer in terms of catching errors your brain might otherwise autocorrect.

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