Allison C

Milwaukee, United States

“A fresh perspective and a critical eye can take your writing to the next level.”

Allison C

Specialist subjects:

Anthropology Art & Design Communication & Media Studies Creative Writing Dance Drama & Theater Event Management Fiction Film Studies Fine Arts TESOL


BSc in Film and Television

Boston University


Favorite referencing style

I find the simplest referencing style the best, so I will say Harvard referencing.

Why I became an editor

As a writer and a teacher of the English language, I spend my days examining words closely. I find language powerful and want to help people find the necessary words and structure to communicate their ideas better.
I studied film and television at university and find storytelling to be at the heart of my interests. Reading and writing allow me to discover new things organically while editing and proofreading give me the opportunity to help others find their voice.

Background and experience

I write and edit resumes for people in a variety of disciplines, including IT, business, and art and design. I am also a TEFL-certified ESL teacher and spend time working with students on their English writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. In my past roles, I have served as the final proofreading check on signage, posters, menus, show descriptions, and other designs for performance venues and websites.

Why I love proofreading and editing

There is something incredibly satisfying about finetuning a piece of work until it delivers exactly the message it needs to say. I also find learning about new subjects, whether it's in medicine, history, or politics, very interesting because it expands my own understanding, which then becomes useful in other areas. I am a writer myself, and I enjoy finding patterns and lyricism in the writing of others.

Allison C

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Favorite book:

The Film Director's Intuition by Judith Weston.


Film, TV, theater, and literature have been both my jobs and my hobbies. I love to analyze trends in the industry and discuss stories of all kinds. Besides that, I like to cycle, hike, and kickbox.

Editing tips:

Having a checklist is particularly useful to make sure I did not introduce errors during proofreading. Another tip is to read the document backwards to find errors I might have missed the first time.

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