Milo H

Bowling Green, United States

“Authors achieve immortality through their work. Proofreaders ensure that immortality doesn't include typos.”

Specialist subjects:

Creative Writing Cultural Studies Education English Fiction Music TESOL Women's & Gender Studies


BA in German with a minor in Japanese

Bowling Green State University


Favorite referencing style

My favorite referencing style is the Chicago Manual of Style, mostly because it's the style I'm the most familiar with.

Why I became an editor

I spent my early 20s teaching English as a second language. But after I began living nomadically in a renovated school bus, teaching was no longer an option. So, I began editing and proofreading. My first significant job was as a developmental and line editor for an expansive sci-fi script. To this day, working on sci-fi is my passion. I work as an editor for Light of the Moon, Inc. and as a freelance LGBTQIA+ sensitivity reader.

Background and experience

I’m an editor for Light of the Moon, Inc., a small publishing company that helps self-publishing authors advertise and publish their work. I work directly with clients to edit and proofread manuscripts. Sensitivity reading is when a member of a marginalized community provides feedback on a text to ensure it accurately represents their community. I primarily read for the LGBTQIA+ community. I also work as an editor for the ongoing sci-fi story, Only One Way to Burn it Down.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Proofreading is like playing an addictive puzzle game. Spotting and correcting tiny errors is satisfying in the same way that finishing a crossword or sudoku puzzle is. But that satisfaction is nothing when compared with looking back on my finished work and knowing that I helped the author's words reach their fullest potential.

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Favorite book:

My favorite book of the year is Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. I’m head over heels for Muir's writing style, and the delicate blend of fantasy and sci-fi is right up my alley.


I love reading sci-fi, speculative fiction novels, and webcomics of almost every genre. I meet up with friends once a week to play board games. And I also enjoy watching Star Trek with my partner.

Editing tips:

One of my favorite proofreading tricks is to drastically change the font style for the last read-through. It forces me to focus more intently on the individual words and letters.

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