Carolann B

Aylesford, United Kingdom

“Good ideas deserve to be presented clearly.”

Specialist subjects:

Education English Geography Librarianship & Information Management TESOL


B.Bibl in Library Science

Bsc (Hons) in Geography

Msc in Geography

Favorite referencing style

I am most confident using the APA referencing style, but I can work with other styles too, such as MLA and Harvard referencing.

Why I became an editor

I worked as a teacher in several different countries. During that time, I coached every student in presenting their ideas clearly. Proofreading seems to be an excellent way to carry on doing that.

Background and experience

I taught children aged 3–12 years for many years, which gave me experience in 'spotting mistakes' daily. My job then was to help children learn to express themselves clearly. More recently, I’m having fun volunteering for Project Gutenberg, which digitizes old books and archives them as free e-books.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I’m an avid reader and am often distracted by typos and other errors in writing. It’s very satisfying to help make a document easier to read by removing these niggles. However, I’m also passionate about retaining the author’s voice and ensuring that their ideas are presented clearly.

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Favorite book:

Dragons of Pern by Anne McCaffery


Crafts such as making bobbin lace, tatting, knitting, and crocheting keep me busy. I read a wide range of books and I enjoy delving into family history. I also love to explore and travel.

Editing tips:

Always check the first sentence and the bottom of the page carefully—especially if there are footnotes.

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