Mark R

St. Thomas, United States

“Crystal clear communication is the antidote for confusion.”

Mark R

Specialist subjects:

Advertising American Studies Business & Management Communication & Media Studies English Geography History Hospitality Journalism Leisure Marketing Recreation & Tourism

Editing formats:


The State University of New York at Albany


English and Communications Major (GPA 3.1)

No Degree

Favorite referencing style

APA referencing. It is the one that I'm most familiar with

Why I became an editor

After my retirement in 2020, I had decided that an online freelance career would be my new direction. English was always my favorite subject—I loved to read. With my knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, proofreading and editing documents seemed like a natural fit.

Background and experience

As a former business owner and independent contractor, I have learned the value of hard work, self-discipline, time management, and consistent performance. Whether it was driving my own limousine or doing advertising and marketing for jewelry stores and other businesses, clear and consistent communication was essential for success. The same holds true for the written word across any occupation or field of study.

Why I love proofreading and editing

The ability to sharpen a piece of writing, to clarify and add impact to the ideas within, to correct any errors—without in any way, shape or form altering the content—is, to me, the mission statement. It's all about helping the writers achieve their goals.

Mark R

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Favorite book:

The Runaway Jury by John Grisham.


I love to read (all subjects). I love baseball, action-adventure movies, and staying fit.

Editing tips:

Be diligent and relentless in correcting errors. Edit where necessary, but do not alter the content. Preserve the author's voice at all times.

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