Margaret N

Tucson, Arizona, USA

“Every word counts! Write thoughtfully.”

Margaret N

Specialist subjects:



Favorite referencing style

I have the most exposure to APA style, so that is my reference point.

Why I became an editor

I have always loved words! Whether reading or writing, I am fascinated by language.

I have spent time travelling to various countries and have studied languages with the goal of communicating and learning from others. I am fascinated by the power words have in allowing us to express our thoughts and emotions.

Proofreading is the perfect fit for me as it enables me to share this love of words and language to help others express themselves.

Background and experience

Although I have only recently begun exploring the world of professional proofreading, I have worked as a volunteer tutor since my early teens. This has included helping families and individuals to use time-tested principles to improve their lives and relationships with others. I started this work in English and later learned Spanish for greater opportunities to help others. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese for the past several years. This work has included writing, translating, proofreading, and presenting lectures.

My work experience has been in other fields including customer service, cleaning, retail, etc. Regardless of my job, I have always been very methodical and detail-oriented.

Why I love proofreading and editing

A well-written story, article, or paper can affect the reader. I look forward to helping others accomplish their goals to present quality work.

Margaret N

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Favorite book:

Sanditon by Jane Austen. Although not as well known as her other works, it is one I read over and over again.


When I am not proofreading, I enjoy cooking and, of course, eating! I also enjoy gardening, reading, listening to music, and studying other languages.

Editing tips:

I start by reading through a document out loud. This helps me get a feel for the document. I like to work methodically on separate aspects of a document. I focus on one line or one word so that I do not miss details.

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