Camille L

Toronto, Canada

“There is no such thing as owning too many books. The more books, the better!”

Camille L

Specialist subjects:

Consumer Behaviour Creative Writing Economics English Fiction Insurance Language & Literature Music Philosophy


BA English

University of Toronto


Favorite referencing style

MLA is my first love. It is the simplest referencing style!

Why I became an editor

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a completed version of your thoughts and the research you have done come together a page. Be it an essay, resume, or a poem, there is always an underlying argument and intent. Being an editor, I get to help other writers polish their ideas so they can articulate their main idea to their audience.

Background and experience

As a poet, I spend most of my time toiling over words, making sure that not only is what I am writing grammatically correct but blends smoothly with transitions and images.

As a university student, I spent many years in academic and workforce settings proofreading for myself, my peers, and my coworkers, consistently delivering lucid content.

The majority of my work experience has been in sales, so I am well-versed in understanding the need to write in a way that not only illustrates a company’s value to customers but builds rapport.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Whenever we write, we create! Proofreading and editing are the final steps in finalizing the things we create so we can share them with others and take pride in our work. This is a special part of the writing process that I take pride in being a part of.

I especially enjoy working projects that are about English literature, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, economics, consumer behaviour, neuromarketing, philosophy, music, and creative writing.

Camille L

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Favorite book:

My favourite book is Candide by Voltaire.


When I am not reading over your project, I am writing poetry, reading a book, or creating house and techno music.

Editing tips:

Our eyes get tired reading the same font repeatedly. Briefly switching the font can help you see glaring errors.

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