Margaret L

Indiana, United States

“Good grammar is always in style. Clarity and consistency are always chic.”

Margaret L

Specialist subjects:

Accounting & Finance Education Librarianship & Information Management Psychology


BA Psychology

Smith College


Master of Library Science

Indiana University


Favorite referencing style

I would say APA because I have used it the most.

Why I became an editor

In middle school, I discovered my love of grammar and writing mechanics when my English teacher, who became a dear friend, introduced me to diagramming sentences and delved into grammatical concepts that even native speakers misuse. I thought diagramming sentences was as fun as skipping rope at recess and thus found myself diagramming sentences from books and magazines, not just from classroom exercises. I aced grammar tests because of this newfound passion instilled by my teacher.
To this day, I have kept this passion. Proofreading is just as enjoyable as reading a favorite book that I can read over and over and as rewarding as writing my thoughts and own stories. I carry this passion over by helping other people to improve their writing.

Background and experience

Social media evaluator, Appen Butler Hill
Ads content rater, Workforce Logic

Why I love proofreading and editing

I have a passion for making a piece of writing read flawlessly. I especially enjoy proofreading and editing anything about history, geography, travel, foreign cultures, fashion, psychology, business, self-improvement, fine arts, and education. I would happily accept proofreading content in fields outside my comfort zone. I am experienced in APA and MLA from my psychology and library science classes.

Margaret L

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Favorite book:

The Bible


When I am not proofreading, I can be found reading books or Smithsonian magazine, traveling or planning my next trip, practicing yoga, developing my limited ballet skills, playing piano, practicing foreign languages, watching Met Opera streams, binge-watching YouTube videos on fashion and lifestyle, Googling random facts, and making up stories about my daughter's Webkinz.

Editing tips:

When I open the document for the first time, I skim the material a couple of times to understand the author's voice before I start proofreading it. That way, I can improve the mechanics and flow of writing while I preserve the author's tone and style.

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