Madeleine G

Loughborough, UK

“A misplaced modifier walks into a bar for a drink that is dark, dirty, and rundown.”

Madeleine G

Specialist subjects:


MA (Hons) Arabic and French

University of St Andrews


Favorite referencing style

MLA – the referencing style I use for the majority of my university essays!

Why I became an editor

At university, I study languages, and the attention to detail required for grammatical accuracy in a foreign language has made me very passionate about grammatical accuracy in my mother tongue!

Being able to proofread the work of others allows me to consider some of the most complex grammatical structures, to continue to expand my knowledge of the English language, and to share this knowledge with those whose work I proofread.

Background and experience

Proofreading and editing experience:

Writing and editing marketing articles for a local business

Other work experience:

Telephone fundraiser for the University of St Andrews

Team leader as part of the National Citizenship Service

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love being the missing link between a piece of writing full of potential and a piece of writing that has achieved its full potential. For me, proofreading is the essential step that allows your work to be valued for its content without being held back by linguistic errors. As an arts student with lots of essay writing experience, I understand how easy it is to both make and fix these mistakes.

Madeleine G

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Favorite book:

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


When I'm not proofreading, I'm either travelling the world, on my yoga mat, or knee-deep in university work.

Editing tips:

I like to read a piece of writing out loud at the end of the proofreading process to check for errors that might be missed when read over quickly.

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