Hannah D

Poole, United Kingdom

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”

Hannah D

Specialist subjects:

Anatomy & Physiology Business & Management Hospitality Leisure Nutrition Recreation & Tourism


BA Hons in Tourism Studies

Bournemouth University


Favorite referencing style

Harvard is my favorite. It's simple and it's also the style that I have used the most!

Why I became an editor

The structures and nuances of languages have always fascinated me. Having initially focused on foreign languages, I later discovered a love of technical terminology through my studies in the life sciences. Over the years, friends and colleagues have often asked me to check their written work. Becoming a proofreader was a logical next step, thereby allowing me to share my knowledge and passion for helping people with a much greater audience.

Background and experience

I have run my own business in the wellness industry for over 20 years. I am organized, efficient, and solution-orientated, and I place a high value on excellent communication and customer service. Throughout this time, I created and updated many types of promotional content and technical material. I previously mentored students as a fitness industry tutor and assessor, and I currently help clients as a wellness coach. I have experience inin both academic and vocational writing and editing.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love helping people to convey their ideas in writing in a way that reads flawlessly. I especially enjoy proofreading and editing anything that relates to the life sciences, human potential, ecology, and the natural world. I have extensive experience in document formatting and am comfortable working with a range of referencing styles. I also have a good working knowledge of French, German, and Spanish, which provides me with valuable insights when working with ESL clients.

Hannah D

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Favorite book:

There are too many good books in the world to be able to choose just one favorite! If I had to narrow it down, I would probably pick something in the field of human potential.


When I'm not proofreading, you will most likely find me talking about wellness, teaching yoga, preparing nutritious meals, spending time in nature, or playing with my two pet bunny rabbits.

Editing tips:

When I first open a document, I like to read through it to gain an understanding of its context and structure. This helps me to ensure that any changes I make support the author's message.

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