Sean W

Barry, United Kingdom

“I'm Sean from South Wales in the UK. My past careers include working as a taxi driver and, prior to that, a tax inspector. Please try not to hold that against me.”

Sean W

Specialist subjects:

Transport Policy


Favorite referencing style

APA – as it is the one I am most familiar with.

Why I became an editor

As I grow older, I have become more aware of the benefits of working from home. My current job as a taxi driver involves long and antisocial hours. Like many others, I am searching for the perfect work-life balance as I near retirement age.

Background and experience

I spent 18 years as an income tax inspector and accounts investigator. This involved great attention to detail, which – along with a love of reading – makes proofreading an ideal occupation for me.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I enjoy the challenge of trying to make a piece of writing clear and concise. In the past, I have done a lot of work with deaf professional people. As their first language is British Sign Language, the syntax is totally different to conventional grammar.

Sean W

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Favorite book:

Any book written by Mark Billingham is a definite favourite. He is a great author with well written books and brilliant storylines.


My hobbies are walking, watching TV and reading.

Editing tips:

Working from home needs discipline. Try to separate your home and work spaces, and have a separate office room or area if space allows.

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