Using Google Scholar in Your Editing
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  • 31st August 2023

Using Google Scholar in Your Editing

Obviously, students and researchers can use Google Scholar to look for published works within their field of interest. They would do this to see what is already known on a topic of interest and look for gaps in current knowledge. Additionally, the literature found on Google Scholar may become cited in the student’s/researcher’s work. It can also help with referencing.

But you are an editor, not a student or researcher. Instead, Google Scholar can help you quickly research terminology and other phrases to see if they are consistent with academic literature in the field.

Perhaps the author is a civil engineering researcher and uses the terms modular of rupture and modulus of rupture in relation to concrete. These are not everyday terms, and it appears that the author may have been inconsistent with their terminology, so you may want to see if they are common or if one is a typo. Google Scholar will help you with this.

Launch the microlearning module below to learn more about using Google Scholar in your editing and to test your knowledge using our interactive quiz.


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