Keyboard Shortcuts for MS Word, Chrome, and Slack
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  • 9th October 2023

Keyboard Shortcuts for MS Word, Chrome, and Slack

Keyboard shortcuts are great, as they really help to speed up your proofreading and editing. By avoiding the need to take your hands away from the keyboard, you’ll save time.

It’s best to adopt one keyboard shortcut at a time; choose those that you know will be useful to you so that you build up muscle memory quickly.

We have assumed that you are already aware of the well-known shortcuts, such as those for undo/redo, find/find and replace, and copy/paste. If you need a refresh, here’s a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac.

MS Word Shortcuts

Function Windows Mac
Toggle Capitalized / lowercase / ALL CAPS Shift + F3 Cmd + Shift + A
Insert a comment Ctrl + Alt + M Cmd + Option + A
Delete the next letter Delete Fn + Backspace
Delete the next word Ctrl + Delete Fn + Option + Backspace
Delete the previous word Ctrl + Backspace Cmd + Backspace
Select whole words Ctrl + Shift + Left/right arrow key Option + Shift + Left/right arrow key
Select whole paragraph Ctrl + Shift + Up/down arrow key Cmd + Shift + Up/down arrow key
Jump to next/previous word Ctrl + Left/right arrow key Option + Left/right arrow key
Jump to next/previous paragraph Ctrl + Up/down arrow key Option + Up/down arrow key
Jump to the end of a line Home/End Cmd + Left/right arrow key
Split view (view two parts of a document at the same time) Ctrl + Alt + S
(Press again to revert)
Cmd + Option + S
(Press again to revert)
Remove character formatting (e.g. fonts, italics/bold, font size, etc.) Ctrl + Space bar Ctrl + Space bar
Insert non-breaking space Ctrl + Shift + Space bar Option + Space bar
Insert en dash Ctrl + minus sign on numeric keypad Option + Hyphen
Insert em dash Ctrl + alt + minus sign on numeric keypad Option + Shift + Hyphen

Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

Function Windows Mac
Open a new tab in the window Ctrl + T Cmd + T
Jump to tabs 1–8 Ctrl + 1–8 Cmd + 1–8
Jump to far-right tab Ctrl + 9 Cmd + 9
Jump to next tab Ctrl + Tab Option + Cmd + Arrows
Close tab Ctrl + W Cmd + W
Close window Alt + F4 Cmd + Shift + W
Print/Save as PDF Ctrl + P Cmd + P
Reload page Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Zoom in/out Ctrl + + or - Cmd + + or -
Open link in a new tab Ctrl + Mouse-click link Cmd + Mouse-click link
Open link in a new tab and go to that tab Ctrl + Shift + Mouse-click link Cmd + Shift + Mouse-click link
Switch between Chrome profiles Ctrl + Tab Cmd + Tab
Minimize all windows/go to desktop Windows key + D F11

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Function Windows Mac
Screenshot (whole screen) Ctrl + Print screen Cmd + Shift + 3
Screenshot (partial screen/select item) Windows key + Shift + S Cmd + Shift + 4
Add a hyperlink to text/modify hyperlink Ctrl + K Cmd + K

Keyboard Shortcuts for Slack

Function Windows Mac
Unsend last message Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z
Set status Ctrl + Shift + Y Cmd + Shift + Y
Search Ctrl + G Cmd + G
Search in current channel Ctrl + F Cmd + F
Jump to channel Ctrl + K + Search for channel name Cmd + K + Search for channel name
Go backward/forward in history Alt + Arrows Cmd + [ or ]
Go to your threads Ctrl + Shift + T Cmd + Shift + T
Go to your mentions/actions Ctrl + Shift + M Cmd + Shift + M
Go to your unread messages Ctrl + Shift + A Cmd + Shift + A
Mark message as unread Alt + Mouse-click message Option + Mouse-click message
Mark message as read Esc Esc
Navigate messages/threads Arrows Arrows
Go to next/previous unread message Alt + Up/down arrows Option + Shift + Up/down arrows
DM someone from another channel /dm @person’s name msg /dm @person’s name msg
Edit selected message Select message + E Select message + E
React to selected message Select message + R Select message + R
Share selected message Select message + S Select message + S
Pin selected message Select message + P Select message + P
Create reminder about selected message Select message + M Select message + M
Add selected message to saved items Select message + A Select message + A
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