What’s the Plural of Research?
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  • 22nd March 2022

What’s the Plural of Research?

Research is an example of a mass noun (also known as an uncountable noun or a non-count noun). Mass nouns can cause confusion, especially if English isn’t your first language, because they aren’t pluralized like most other nouns. In this post, we’ll explain how to use research correctly in your writing

Research: Detailed Study

Research means the systematic study of a subject. Regardless of how much study you’re referring to, you should always use the singular form of this noun:

The research is conclusive.

The team did a great deal of research.

We cannot draw conclusions without further research.

It’s very rare for research to take the plural form. So, if you were to write “researches” in an essay or paper, it would look like a mistake. If you want to be specific about the amount of research done, we suggest using a countable noun that can be pluralized instead:

A study / 16 studies

An investigation / two investigations

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An analysis / several analyses

Alternatively, you can combine research with a countable noun:

Three separate research programs were carried out.

I did four pieces of research.

In these examples, research is still written in the singular form, but programs and pieces are plural because we’re referring to more than one of them.

Summary: What’s the Plural of Research?

Research is an example of a mass noun, and you should always write it in the singular form. There’s also a plural form (researches), but it’s very uncommon, and if you use it in your writing, it could look like a mistake.

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