Is StoryWorth Worth It? Price, Comparison, and Review
  • 7-minute read
  • 17th February 2023

Is StoryWorth Worth It? Price, Comparison, and Review

If you are looking to write your life story to share with your family and future generations, there are many options available. StoryWorth is a memoir service subscription you can buy for yourself, or a loved one, to make this dream come true. But is it all it promises to be? In this article, we break down what StoryWorth has to offer, its prices, and how it compares to similar services.

What is StoryWorth?

StoryWorth is a membership service you can purchase for yourself or a loved one. With the membership, you and your nominated recipients receive a weekly email with a question to respond to. Throughout the year-long subscription, you will see their responses each week. At the end of the year, StoryWorth compiles everything the recipients have written into a hardback book that you can keep for generations.

How Does StoryWorth Work?

StoryWorth wants its subscribers to think of their services as a conversation. Their process consists of three steps:

1. Once a week, you choose a question to inspire them (your loved ones) to write.

2. Your loved one replies to the question in an email, which is also shared with you.

3. At the end of a year, your loved one’s stories are bound into a beautiful keepsake book.

StoryWorth has around 300 questions for you to choose from to be your loved one’s weekly question. You can also choose to write your own, or your loved one can simply write whatever they like. In addition to answering the question prompts, your loved one can upload photos to go along with their story.

Example questions from StoryWorth include:

●  What matters most to you in life?

●  What’s one of your favorite trips?

●  What personal expectations do you hold yourself to?

●  What things do you think you cannot live without?

●  Do you have any regrets in life?

Formatting and Customizing Your Keepsake Book

At the end of your year-long subscription, you will receive an email with two options:

1. To renew your subscription (online reviews suggest the renewal fee is $60) if you aren’t finished writing.

 2. Print your book.

If you choose to print your book, StoryWorth has professional book cover layouts to choose from where you can add a photo and title. However, color options are limited and not listed on their website.

In terms of formatting within the book, customers are limited. You cannot bold, underline, or italicize any text. And they only offer text in size 10 Merriweather font. Customers can add captions and descriptions to photos. The hardcover book is a standard 6×9, and you also receive a pdf version to download.

How Much Does StoryWorth Cost?

StoryWorth is an affordable subscription service at $99. With the subscription, you get:

●  Weekly story prompts sent via email to the recipient

●  1 hardcover book with a black and white interior (including black and white photos)

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●  Access to customer service to help with any issues

For additional books, you can expect to pay:

●  $39 for each additional black and white interior copy

●  $79 for color books up to 300 pages

●  $99 for color books of 300 to 480 pages

What if There are Errors?

StoryWorth recommends that customers wait until they receive the first copy of their book before ordering more. While you can edit your book before having it printed, there will always be mistakes overlooked (as in almost any book publishing process). If you receive your first copy and notice any errors, you can correct them before ordering more copies.

However, you will have to pay for any further copies you order regardless of errors. Based on reviews, StoryWorth does not appear to offer free correction services.

How Does StoryWorth Compare?

At the cost of $99, it is difficult to find other companies offering a similar service as StoryWorth for an equal or lesser price. Traditionally, for those looking to write a memoir for themselves or family members, you have to write the memoir yourself, pay an editor (or edit it yourself), and then pay to have it printed. Self-publishing is a long, tedious process and can cost thousands of dollars depending on your editor and printer.

Alternatively, paying a ghostwriter to write your memoir for you (a very popular service) is going to cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Handwritten Legacies offers a similar service, except they do not offer you a hard copy of your book. You can create a customizable pdf book, including a dedication page, family tree page, and personalized writing prompts. It is approximately 200 pages long, which you print at home and have your loved one fill in. It costs $20, which is a much lower price than StoryWorth, but it’s not exactly the same service.

No Story Lost is similar to StoryWorth in that you get a beautiful keepsake at the end of your process: a coffee table book of your life story. However, their process is to interview you and then write, edit, and polish the story for you. And their costs are much higher than StoryWorth, ranging from $899 to $1,799.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

StoryWorth reviews are mixed. Sarah Z. Wexler wrote a very positive article on The Strategist about her experience buying a StoryWorth subscription for her father. She wrote, “As a big reader and an author myself, I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited for the release of a book. It’s been a true joy for me to open my inbox and see my dad’s stories each week.”

Other positive reviews found online stated that they enjoyed StoryWorth’s questions and that they also liked the pdf version they got when the writing was completed. One reviewer used their pdf book in a very clever way, stating “I then printed out the book in pdf, made a few adjustments and then uploaded to a free e-book maker site where my book is available as a flip book also. It even has sound effects and music on several pages as applicable… siren for injuries, a few memorable songs from my youth, etc.”

However, there are some negative reviews, mostly commenting on how the technology StoryWorth uses is not user-friendly or up-to-date. Many complained that their stories were not saved after writing them, they could not format their photos correctly, and that customer service was below par and limited to emails.

One customer commented that “The idea is great. They respond to questions quickly. However, I would highly recommend going to another company which has better editing. StoryWorth has very few tools to help design and create the look you want.”


StoryWorth offers an opportunity for people to write their life stories by answering one question per week for a year at the price of $99. At the end of your year of writing, you get a keepsake book for yourself and your family. While many people love the idea, and StoryWorth has many happy customers, they are not ready to make professional memoir publishing services redundant.

At the end of the day, you are going to get what you pay for. While $99 is a very attractive price and the general idea seems straightforward, many people complain that editing is difficult and formatting and adjusting the layout of the text and photos is challenging. These are skills that professional editors, writers, and publishers have spent years mastering, and it’s hard to replace the quality and experience of a professional.

If you are writing a memoir to have your precious memories passed down for generations to come, have a professional editor help you in the process. At Proofed we offer a free trial of proofreading and editing for first-time customers. Try it out today!


What is StoryWorth and how does it work?

StoryWorth is a one-year memoir-writing subscription service for $99. An email is sent to recipients every week for one year. These emails require a response to questions relating to life. At the end of the year, all the responses are compiled into a hardback keepsake book.

Is my personal information and content shared on StoryWorth secure?

Yes. StoryWorth only shares personal information and content with other people you list on the mailing list. These people will receive weekly emails with responses to the questions from the other nominated writers.

Comments (10)
Susan R. Landau
16th May 2023 at 17:45
Does the content of stories submitted constitute intellectual property of the writer, or of Storyworth?
    23rd May 2023 at 10:15
    Hi, Susan! Great question; we’d suggest contacting StoryWorth directly as they’d be able to help you with this.
Barbara Eckenfelder
26th May 2023 at 02:04
We are ordering color interiors at $99.00 a piece, is there a discount if you order a large amount?
    30th May 2023 at 11:55
    Hi, Barbara! Thanks for reading our article. It would be best to contact StoryWorth directly so they can help you with your question.
      7th June 2023 at 22:01
      I too would like the answer to this question. Credit card in hand, sold on product just want this answer, no smoke and mirrors, no delays.
2nd July 2023 at 17:18
Can you tell me why the questions are not answered here and instead people are asked to contact the company directly? The answers to these questions are of interest to your potential customers or existing customers.
    Hannah Orde
    5th July 2023 at 09:53
    Hi Elena! Thanks for your question. We're not affiliated with Storyworth, which means we're only able to provide information they make publicly available on their site. This is why your best bet is to contact Storyworth directly.
Thomas G.
9th August 2023 at 12:32
I suppose this company provides a useful service, but you should shop around before committing to them. There are plenty of custom (often called "vanity") publishers who will produce a much better book for you that looks much better than the Storyworth book sent to me by my cousin.
Vicky Gooch
5th September 2023 at 15:20
As a recipient of a gift of StoryWorth, I can tell you that it comes with some serious pitfalls. The idea is good, the questions can be inspiring if you access some of the entire list. Know your recipient. Talk to them frequently about the process. Who is it for? You? Small children? Strangers? Did you get a chance to read the last story? Not everyone is comfortable writing. If you are a typical busy parent of young children sending this to your far away parent who isn’t comfortable writing personal stories, they are going to feel like you are outsourcing your relationship. You are likely to get your feelings hurt when they don’t perform.
    Hannah Orde
    19th September 2023 at 13:42
    This is an insightful point – thanks Vicky! Agreed, knowing your audience and being sensitive to how they'd respond to a gift of this kind is very important.

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