Eight Synonyms for Emphasize
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  • 14th August 2023

Eight Synonyms for Emphasize

Because it can be easy to overuse common words in research papers and essays, we’ve compiled a list of eight synonyms for emphasize for when you find yourself repeating it frequently.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for details on emphasize and ways to keep your writing interesting by varying your word choice.

What Does Emphasize Mean?

Emphasize is a verb that means to give special attention to something to highlight it or make it stand out. To emphasize something means to focus on it to ensure it’s understood as significant. In academic writing, we often use emphasize to indicate that a particular point, concept, or idea is noteworthy within the context of the discussion. For example:

The role of environmental factors was emphasized in the study because they were found to have a substantial impact on the results.

The conclusion section emphasizes the implications of the findings for policy development and the practical applications of the study.

Here, emphasize signals to the reader the specific aspects of the research or study that are particularly significant and/or will be discussed in more detail in a later section.

Synonyms for Emphasize

To avoid overusing emphasize in your writing, consider these synonyms instead:

●  Underline (He underlined the importance of reviewing the results.)

●  Underscore (The experimental results serve to underscore the previously overlooked influence of microorganisms in the soil ecosystem.)

●  Focus on (This study will focus primarily on the works of the past century.)

●  Point out (The author pointed out the discrepancies between the two experiments.)

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●  Accentuate (The strategic use of vivid imagery in the novel serves to accentuate the stark contrast between the two worlds.)

●  Highlight (The case study highlights the relationship between environmental and hereditary factors.)

●  Stress (The author stressed the importance of the peer-review process.)

●  Spotlight (The documentary aims to spotlight the challenges faced by endangered species in their natural habitats.)

Remember that the choice of synonym can depend on the context in which you’re using it because different synonyms may carry slightly different nuances or connotations. For example, spotlight may not always be formal enough for an academic text but is appropriate for many other types of creative or business writing.

Also, when trying to vary your vocabulary, beware of relying only on your thesaurus. Although it can be a great writing tool, not all of the recommendations will work in the context of your writing. For example, you may find the phrase insist on listed in the thesaurus as a synonym for emphasize. However, insist on means something different (to “demand or assert something with persistence”) and has a much stronger implication. When in doubt, double-check the definitions of synonyms in a dictionary to ensure they suit your meaning before using them in your writing.

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