“By Yours Truly” Meaning
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  • 21st September 2023

“By Yours Truly” Meaning

In the realm of language and expression, certain phrases can add a touch of elegance and personality to our conversations and written communication. One such phrase that has stood the test of time is “by yours truly.”

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the meaning, history, and proper usage of this delightful expression, complete with examples and insights on when to use it.

The Meaning of “By Yours Truly”

“By yours truly” technically just means “by me.” It’s a phrase used to sign off a piece of work, an item, or a message in a way that suggests personal involvement, care, and pride.

When you use this phrase, you’re essentially saying, “This was created or accomplished by me personally,” claiming ownership for whatever you’re presenting.

The History of “By Yours Truly”

This phrase has its roots in the world of handwritten letters and documents, dating back to the mid-1800s, when elaborate penmanship and formal correspondence were the norms.

It was a way for writers to put their personal stamp on a letter, manuscript, or piece of art, emphasizing their direct involvement in its creation. Over time, the phrase has evolved to retain its elegant and personal connotations, even in our digital age.

How and When to Use “By Yours Truly” Correctly

Using “by yours truly” correctly can add sophistication and authenticity to your communications. However, you should use it judiciously.

Reserve “by yours truly” for situations where you want to emphasize your personal involvement or craftsmanship. It’s not typically used for everyday tasks, casual conversations, or academic writing. Let’s take a look at a few instances where it’s appropriate:

Signature Style

Consider using “yours truly” as a signature sign-off in letters, emails, or messages when you want to sound formal and professional:

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Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to your response.
Yours truly,
Cynthia Smith

Creative Endeavors and Craftsmanship

Artists, writers, and creators can use this phrase to establish a personal connection with their audience and showcase their creative ownership:

I’m thrilled to unveil a new painting, “Sunset Serenity,” by yours truly.

I present this wooden desk, handcrafted by yours truly, as a testament to my craftsmanship.

Professional Contexts

In the professional world, “by yours truly” should be used sparingly to highlight your direct involvement in a project or presentation, especially in more formal settings:

I am pleased to share the quarterly report, meticulously prepared by yours truly, which outlines our company’s performance and growth.

Don’t Overuse “By Yours Truly”

Because this expression is so formal and sophisticated in a modern context, it can sometimes sound pretentious or even like you’re joking. Therefore, be careful not to use it too often or in instances where your listener might not take you seriously.


In conclusion, “by yours truly” is a timeless phrase that adds a touch of elegance and personal connection to your communication. By using it thoughtfully and appropriately, you can convey pride in your work, artistry, or personal involvement while paying homage to the history of penmanship.

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When do you use “yours truly”?

“Yours truly” is a formal way to sign off at the end of a letter.

Is “by yours truly” sarcastic?

While its original usage is very formal, “by yours truly” can be used in a humorous or sarcastic way.

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