Bear With Me or Bare With Me? Idiom Tips
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  • 12th August 2023

Bear With Me or Bare With Me? Idiom Tips

Bear with me is the correct spelling of this idiom. Bear, in this instance, means to withstand or tolerate. When someone says, “Bear with me”, they are asking you to be patient with them.

This idiom trips up many people. To understand why it can be confusing, and to understand the differences between the words bear and bare – read on.

Bear or Bare?

These two words are homophones, meaning they sound the same when spoken, but have different spellings and definitions.

Bear Definition

Bear can be a noun or a verb.

In its noun form, it refers to the species of fluffy animal (e.g., The bear slept all winter.)

As a verb, it has several meanings:

1. Hold or support (The beams could bear up to 1 ton.)

2. Withstand or tolerate (I can’t bear people who chew with their mouth open.)

3. Bring forth (To bear a child.)

4. Display a mark (The document bears her signature.)

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5. Give testimony (“I will bear witness to the proceedings.”)

6. Turn in a specific direction (Bear left at the end of the road.)

When we use the idiom bear with me, we are using the word bear as a verb to mean withstand or tolerate.

Bare Definition

Bare, on the other hand, is an adjective or a verb.

As an adjective, it means uncovered or naked (e.g., His head was bare.) As a verb, it means to uncover (e.g., He bared his head.)

If you’d like more information about how to use these words, you can read our blog on bare vs. bear.

What Does Bare With Me Mean?

Bare with me is a mistake when trying to write the correct version, which is understandable given how similar the two words sound. Writer’s Room has some great examples of other ways you can say bear with me.


Idioms can be tricky, especially when they use words that have multiple spellings and meanings. The correct spelling of this idiom is bear, and it’s used when someone is asking you to be patient with them.

Do you need help with the idioms in your writing? Reach out to our team of experts who can help you choose the correct idiom. When you’re ready, see our editing services.

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