13 Synonyms for “Help”
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  • 12th September 2022

13 Synonyms for “Help”

“Help” is a common word, but it can be easy to overuse. If you’re not careful, too many “helps” may fill your essay. It’s always good to change up the vocabulary in your writing to avoid using the same word twice in a sentence. For some variety, try replacing “help” with one of the alternatives in this guide.

What Does “Help” Mean?

The verb “help” means to give assistance or support to someone or to provide someone with something that is useful or necessary to achieving an end.

I need help carrying the bags into the house.

“Help” also functions as a noun, and it refers to the action of doing or supplying something to make it easier for another to complete a task.

Thanks for your help with my homework.

“Help” has various other meanings, but these are the two definitions you will encounter the most. Take a look at some of the synonyms below that can be used in place of “help” as defined here.

Synonyms for “Help”

You can replace the verb “help” with one of these alternatives:

●  Aid (e.g., The donations will aid the war efforts.)

●  Assist (e.g., The nurse will assist the doctor with the operation.)

●  Lend (someone) a hand (e.g., I can’t get up. Could you lend me a hand?)

●  Care for (e.g., She needs someone to care for her while she recovers.)

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●  Support (e.g., The organization was established to support the poor.)

●  Do (someone) a favor (e.g., Could you do me a favor and turn the lights on?)

●  Take care of (e.g., I can take care of myself.)

●  Ease (e.g., The remedy will ease your pain.)

Use one of these synonyms to replace the noun “help”:

●  Aid (e.g., The citizens received aid from the government.)

●  Assistance (e.g., The woman requires assistance to cross the street.)

●  Support (e.g., Some of the students receive financial support from their parents.)

●  A helping hand (e.g., I need a helping hand with this package.)

●  Guidance (e.g., I need your guidance to make a decision.)

Watch Out for False Synonyms

If you’re learning English as a second language, you can replace common words with synonyms to diversify your writing. But beware of false synonyms, like the words “support,” “ease,” “aid,” and “guidance,” which can take on meanings that differ from “help” in the wrong context. If you need a helping hand, you can send us your student work to proofread. Send us a trial document for free today!

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