Request an Editor Based on Skill Level and Expertise
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  • 24th June 2021

Request an Editor Based on Skill Level and Expertise

Proofed launches editor profiles to let you get to know our team.

We understand that your work can be very personal, and it may be difficult to share it with someone you don’t know. To help bridge that gap—and give you an insight into the people who make your words shine—we’ve launched a new page listing all our editors.

With this brand-new function, you can learn about your proofreader, including their areas of expertise, academic qualifications, home location, and other intriguing snippets.

Take Samira from San Antonio, Texas, a proofreader and editor passionate about her craft because she loves to help you realize your true potential as a writer. While helping writers “polish their work until it gleams,” she has lived in destinations around the world, from Honolulu to London.

Using this feature, then, you can learn more about our team of dedicated wordsmiths and choose a specific editor straight from the website. Whether you need a certain level of experience or knowledge of a specialist subject, you can request the perfect person for the job from their profile page.

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Linda, our operations manager, says, “Alongside our operations team, our editors are the lifeblood of our company, so we’re excited to be able to introduce them to you. It’s lovely to be able to show the human face of our services, the people who care about our customers’ words.”

We’re in the process of adding our pool of over 500 active editors to this page. The success of our training and support also means that we’re bolstering the team with an average of 15 new members each week and expect to have nearly 750 editors for you to choose from very soon. These profiles are currently accessible from the US, UK, and Australia, so you can find the ideal match for your editing and proofreading requirements.

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