ProofreadMyEssay Is Now Proofed!
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  • 26th May 2022

ProofreadMyEssay Is Now Proofed!

Domain changes to to reflect company growth and ambitions.

ProofreadMyEssay is dead! Long live Proofed! Well, not “dead” exactly. Proofed still provides the outstanding editorial services you’ve come to expect from ProofreadMyEssay. But now we do it via a brand-new URL – – rather than our old ProofreadMyEssay domain.

This follows from the launch of our new website at the start of 2021, when ProofreadMyEssay rebranded as Proofed. And the switch to the new Proofed domain completes this rebrand, reflecting how the company has grown since it was founded in 2010.

At the time, the company focused on proofreading essays for students, so the name ProofreadMyEssay made perfect sense! Since then, though, we have expanded to working with clients of all kinds, such as academics, researchers, creative writers, and businesses that include some of the biggest Fortune 500 enterprises and fastest growing start-ups in the world.

One recent success story, for example, is Proofed’s partnership with Grantify, a company that specializes in helping innovative businesses secure funding. We’re immensely proud of this work, having helped Grantify achieve a 40% reduction in time spent processing content (equivalent to around 185+ hours saved per month). But it was not an essay-based job! And since this is true of much of our work now, it makes sense to change our branding accordingly.

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The change to therefore means we now have a stronger, more robust, and memorable domain that aligns more closely with our brand, our name, and our ambitions.

If you’re a student or researcher in the UK reading this, though, don’t worry! Other than our name and domain, everything else remains the same, including our specialist academic and student proofreading services. So, if you have an essay that needs proofreading, you can rely on us to match you to the perfect editor and help you produce the best quality writing possible. For more information or inquiries, feel free to contact us at

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