Trevor P

Chilcompton, United Kingdom

“Be clear. Be concise. Be engaging. Be compelling.”

Trevor P

Specialist subjects:

Anthropology Biochemistry Biological Sciences Biomedical Sciences Genetics Microbiology


BSc in Molecular Genetics

University of Sussex


DPhil in Biochemistry

University of Sussex


Favorite referencing style

Vancouver is my favorite style because I find it less intrusive while reading. And when you need to cite many articles to support a particular statement, the citation doesn't become a paragraph in its own right.

Why I became an editor

I have worked in many departments and research labs where scientists doing fantastic research struggled to present their work in written English. I witnessed first-hand how this limited their ability to acquire funding, disseminate findings, and obtain the grades their work merited. I frequently found myself using my writing skills, scientific knowledge, and perfectionism to help colleagues, collaborators, and students. I enjoyed this work and decided to pursue a career in proofreading.

Background and experience

I am a former academic with 20 years of research, publishing, and peer-reviewing experience. After completing my undergraduate and postgraduate training in molecular genetics and biochemistry, I transitioned into human genetics and computational biology for my postdoctoral career. As a native English speaker with writing skills and scientific knowledge, I have reviewed, proofread, and edited numerous documents.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I have always enjoyed completing well-written documents. The endorphins I receive when presenting data in a clear, attractive way or crafting text that is clear, concise, and compelling are what I live for in scientific writing. I believe that proficiency in English should not limit a scientist's worth. I have met many superb scientists whose work is undervalued or overlooked because English is not their first language. Helping them present their work effectively is deeply gratifying.

Trevor P

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Favorite book:

Some of my current favorite series include Mike Brooks' Keiko trilogy, Peter Brett's The Demon Cycle pentalogy, Evan Currie's Odyssey One series, and Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives.


When I'm not proofreading, I enjoy reading, cooking, baking, hiking, nature/wildlife photography, building with Legos, and watching football, tennis, TV shows, and movies.

Editing tips:

I first skim the document to get a feel for the author’s voice. Then I work through it line-by-line, fixing any spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes and adjusting the wording and structure.

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