Debra R

Spring, United States

“The proof is in the polish. ”

Debra R

Specialist subjects:

Education English


Favorite referencing style

I am most familiar with APA, so at this time, that is my favorite referencing style.

Why I became an editor

Spotting errors has always come naturally to me. That quality, coupled with a desire for precise and polished work, has been an asset throughout my years of work experience.

When I made the decision to become my own boss, I naturally sought out a career path doing something I would enjoy. After taking multiple proofreading courses, I am excited about helping others to improve their work!

Background and experience

Special Education Assistant
Klein ISD

I have experience in data entry, form creation, and report generation, including checking for accuracy before submission.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love learning new things! Every piece of work I get to proofread contains content that I can add to my knowledge base. The added bonus of an opportunity to improve the presentation of that content gives me great satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoyed the proofreading courses I have taken, and they have given me the confidence to become an integral part of the writing process.

Debra R

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Favorite book:

I love The Mortal Instruments series (I can't possibly pick one favorite book from it) by Cassandra Clare.


When given the chance, I will be found "getting dirty" by digging for treasures in Arkansas or panning for gold from bags of dirt sent to our home. I love collecting crystals and tumbling rocks!

Editing tips:

I do multiple passes in chunks, where I focus on one aspect each time. I do one last pass over the entire piece of work to make any last-minute corrections and double-check my contributions.

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