Sara H

Shreve, United States

“Writing is the best form of communication.”

Sara H

Specialist subjects:

Art & Design Art History Creative Writing Fiction Fine Arts


BFA in Illustration

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design


Favorite referencing style

Any style that uses footnotes rather than in-text citations. I like that footnotes allow for full referencing without interrupting the flow of the writing.

Why I became an editor

I love to read and write! I also like to give others feedback to help them improve their own writing, so I thought proofreading would be the perfect job for me.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love finding and correcting mistakes, improving the flow and clarity of writing, and helping others become better writers. Although I am most experienced in art-related subjects, I like that proofreading gives me an opportunity to learn new things about a wide variety of topics.

Sara H

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Favorite book:

I love the Star Wars Legends books, especially the New Jedi Order series! I'm also interested in all forms of children's books—picture books, middle grade, and YA.


I love to read, write, draw, paint, and roller skate!

Editing tips:

I find it helpful to print the document out and read it on paper during the final check, as sometimes this helps me spot errors that I missed on-screen.

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