Sacha R

Southampton, UK

“Good writing is essentially re-writing. – Roald Dahl”

Sacha R

Specialist subjects:


BA (Hons) History

University of Southampton

Favorite referencing style


Why I became an editor

I am currently studying a history degree at the University of Southampton. I partly chose to study history because of my love of reading and writing, and it is for the same reason that I have pursued a part-time career as a proofreader. Proofreading allows me to both use my skills as an editor and writer and help clients to improve their work and make it the best it can be.

Background and experience

Prior to beginning my history degree, I spent one year working as an intern for an online newspaper and one year working in insurance as a specialist risk analyst. I have also worked for several online blogs since I was 16 years old. Therefore, I have a background in writing and editing across several industries, including PR and marketing, advertising, insurance, economics, politics, English literature, and history. I have been able to cover a wide range of subject matter in my writing and have experience in editing many different styles of writing and documents, from formal corporate outlook reports to blog posts and advertisement material.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love proofreading and editing because it gives me the opportunity to push a piece of writing to its full potential. I love the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped to make a piece of writing the best it can be. I particularly enjoy proofreading academic material, creative writing, and corporate outlooks. As I am currently completing my history degree, I have plenty of recent experience with different referencing guides, and I find that this is particularly handy when it comes to reading academic papers.

Sacha R

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Favorite book:

We Were​ Liars by E H Lockhart


When I am not proofreading, I am studying for my degree, doing some writing or reading of my own, and spending time with my family.

Editing tips:

When I first open a document, I read it through to make sure I get a sense of the style and tone of the document before I begin editing.

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