Nishul S

Essex, United Kingdom

“Minimalistic proofreading”

Nishul S

Specialist subjects:

Mathematics Nutrition Sports Science

Editing formats:


DipHE in Mathematics

University of Leeds


Favorite referencing style

I don’t have a favorite referencing style.

Why I became an editor

In 2016, I found myself unemployed and began volunteering as an editor for a theater website to keep busy. I took to it instantly, as I had always been good at spotting errors in text, and I soon realized that it was a perfect career choice.

Background and experience

I’ve been volunteering as a proofreader for Humanists UK since December 2017. I worked for Safis Editing from January 2018–April 2020 as a proofreader of technology-related content, mainly written by ESL authors. I edited anthologies of poems and short stories written by secondary school students for First Story from March 2017–April 2019. And I edited around five 600-word reviews per month for Everything Theatre from September 2016–December 2017.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Quite simply, I love spotting errors in text.

Nishul S

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Favorite book:

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is my favorite book.


In my free time, I like cooking, drawing, and watching films.

Editing tips:

I try to make as few changes as possible.

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