Lynne J

Auckland, New Zealand

“Murder your darlings.”

Lynne J

Specialist subjects:

Creative Writing Language & Literature Theology & Religious Studies


MA English Literature

University of Auckland


Favorite referencing style

Harvard. It provides all the information needed in a clear and concise manner.

Why I became an editor

I have always loved language, first as a reader from a very young age and subsequently as a fiction writer. After taking time to become established as a writer, I became involved in editorial projects, developing, selecting and editing short fiction for publication in anthology formats.

I subsequently studied English literature and gained my MA in 2012. While completing my final year at university, I spent time tutoring and enjoyed observing how people engage with language in a bid to find and create meaning.

Background and experience

Outside of academic proofreading, my proofreading and editorial background is in genre fiction. I have roughly 25 years experience in this area of writing, both as a writer and an editor.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Language can both constrict and illuminate. As an editor, I enjoy the challenge of making language work in the author's favour. I find that, in most cases, this can be achieved by trimming. By murdering those darlings. I have found that many people think they need more words to say more, when in truth, the opposite is typically true.

Lynne J

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Favorite book:

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende


Outside editing and writing, I enjoy woodworking and photographing birds. Not at the same time.

Editing tips:

I will typically give a document a quick initial read-through to get a sense of content and writing style and to observe frequently used terms. Using these observations, the second read-through will be a focused approach applying in-depth editing.

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