Layne W

Houston, Texas, USA

“Let's get your writing tuned up!”

Layne W

Specialist subjects:

American Studies Creative Writing Dance Drama & Theatre Education English Fiction Fine Arts Food Science Human Resources Music


Bachelor of Music

Southwest Texas State University


Favorite referencing style


Why I became an editor

I am a constant reader. I have also been blessed with an eye for detail and an ear for the rhythm in language.

I like to use my skills to help people's voices be more clearly heard.

Background and experience

I used to proofread in college. I also spent many years in the corporate world making sure business communication was error free, clear, and concise.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I see written papers like I see music: a piece needs to be finely polished before it's performed. I've always loved taking a phrase and finding the best way to make it shine. Proofreading allows me to help others do the same.

Layne W

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Favorite book:

The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien


I like to make music, cook for my family, and brew beer.

Editing tips:

After I think I've tightened a document up as much as I can, I read it backwards! It sounds odd, but looking at the text in a different order keeps me from seeing "chunks" of words and helps to weed out smaller mistakes.

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