Kurt T

Newcastle, Australia

“Take pride in pedantry!”

Kurt T

Specialist subjects:


Favorite referencing style

The simplest!

Why I became an editor

My wife and I are involved in volunteer work in Botswana, Africa.

While my work in the security industry has helped support us in the past, the goal was to shift my focus to online work.

Exposure to a variety of cultures over the years has deepened my love of language, and proofreading gives me the opportunity to work with what I love — the written word!

Background and experience

My experience in proofreading and editing started with training at the Proofreading Academy and a role at Proofed. I have a background in the security industry.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love the satisfaction of helping to improve the accuracy and clarity of a piece of writing, regardless of the topic.

Kurt T

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Favorite book:

The Last Godfathers by John Follain. While admittedly brutal, I found the history of the Sicilian mafia and its connection to global organised crime fascinating.


We have two energetic Australian cattledogs who love to take us on regular adventures in the bush.

Editing tips:

Getting a feel for the author's voice is critical in preserving tone and style, so I like to read over the document a couple of times before doing any proofreading.

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