Joseph T

Ducklington, United Kingdom

“Putting in the hours truly pays off!”

Joseph T

Specialist subjects:

English Fiction Language & Literature Law Linguistics


BA in Language and Linguistics Science

University of York


Favorite referencing style

My favorite has to be APA. I needed to use it throughout my university degree, so I am very well accustomed to it!

Why I became an editor

I studied linguistics at university, so I am naturally interested in language and writing! Throughout my course, I studied modules such as syntax, semantics, and phonology. These subjects showed me how much I enjoyed studying grammar and language itself, so becoming a proofreader was an easy choice to make.

Background and experience

As for specific proofreading roles, I proofread the English Chess Federation's monthly chess magazine. I developed strong editing and formatting skills during my time at university. I also currently volunteering for Citizens Advice, which involves writing up each client's case professionally and concisely. Last, I was a lifeguard and a duty manager with GLL over the course of six years.

Why I love proofreading and editing

What I love most is looking over a Word document and seeing it formatted perfectly and written clearly. My father has always insisted on proper grammar and punctuation. I suppose it has somewhat rubbed off on me!

Joseph T

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Favorite book:

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein is my favorite book. I just love the whole universe.


I play a sport called ultimate frisbee (it’s cooler than it sounds, I promise!). I practice with the local Oxford team and have played in tournaments all over the country, from Newcastle to London.

Editing tips:

I find it most useful to fully proofread a document and then step away for an hour or so. I then come back to review it one last time, and I usually find one or two mistakes I have missed.

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